Menorca Museum

History and origins of Menorca

The Menorca Museum is the most important museum institution of the island. In its exhibition halls is explained the history of Menorca through its material remains.

The current premise of the Menorca Museum is the ancient Franciscan monastery of Jesus, a building of baroque style built between the end of the XVII century and beginning of XIX century. In 1835 the monks left the building. Since then the building has had different functions until, finally, it turned into the premise of the Menorca Museum.

The fund of the museum consists of Menorca materials from old collections, excavations, deposits and donations from individuals and different institutions. On the ground floor, surrounding the cloister, are the temporary exhibition halls and the assembly hall. The permanent exhibition is in the first and second floor, open to the public since 1998. Before visiting these halls an audiovisual video can be seen where it is shown a brief look around of the history of the island.

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