Nuria Román Art Gallery

Latitude 40º

It is an artistic collective project which tries to restore the fractures the human being has created over time.

Different artistic facilities around the world put together the 40 N parallel with the idea of re-establishing the coherence and unity between cultures and civilizations.

The project presented is a small contribution, from art and humanism, destined to remark and work for the understanding among the nations to make the world a fairer place and habitable. This proposal conceives small gestures as the origin of big changes. Through history, situations and facts apparently trivial have contributed to the awakening and evolution of the human being, stimulating a greater degree of understanding, solidarity and equality. The project weaves a thread of connection in the imaginary line which draws the parallel 40 N, which runs between the Mediterranean Sea, goes through western Asia, China, Japan, and America and comes back to the Iberian Peninsula.

Nuria Román, author of the project, lives in Menorca since 1997. After living several years in Los Ángeles she finds this place in the Mediterranean Sea a perfect place to create.

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