Abarcas Mibo "Step into Menorca"

Abarcas menorquinas, traditional footwear from Menorca.

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Mibo Cosits is a small local company located in Es Migjorn Gran, township situated in the center-south of the island with a long tradition of shoemakers.

It was founded in 1998 by the Menorca partners Miguel Pascual and Bosco Moll. It manufactures sells and distributes almost exclusively Abarcas menorquinas, the traditional footwear from Menorca that captivates all who visit the island and rarely leaves without taking a pair.

In the old days they were the shoes worn by the rural inhabitants of the island because they were strong and easily adaptable to the countryside. They were made using cowhides given that they were ordinary materials and easily accessible.

Nowadays they are made of a great range of colors and designs. They are normally made of leather or cowhide, but they are also made using fabric, esparto grass or raffia plaiting; now the sole is made of rubber. They are still handcrafted taking care over the details. The size starts at 18 and the smallest sizes have a micro porous sole (rubber air injected) to make them lighter.

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