Pedrín Art Gallery

Mediterranean art

Not only because he was born in Málaga, but also because of his genes, Pedro Rodríguez is a Mediterranean artist who feels inspired to express the joy of life, exalting the exuberance of nature, because it is part of the collective mentality of those born in this blue. Therefore, he also enjoys himself in the company of people he dispenses an attentive and cordial manner, maintaining naturalness and honesty in his speech and gestures.

He gives his sculptures vigorous forms in their configuration strengthening their volumes, so that the spirit he wants to communicate stays clear at first glance. In such a high degree the viewer is affected in the presence of his sculptures and can hardly ignore them. From then on, you will always recognize and identify them as works of Pedrín, which is the highest achievement to which an artist can aspire.

Contemplating his creations we recognize that with artistic quality, the essence of represented beings manifests, what makes them in our sight carriers of substantial characters through time and, in the end ... these forms captivate us.

To achieve its goals the artist moulds plastic materials like clay, ceramic, bronze, iron, and more recently the eternal marble, to achieve clear and definitive forms, where volumes are loaded with a sensuality that gives their figures great expressiveness because of the convincing nature of their curves, which give either good to movements or the static of the figures a powerful sensuality. The outlines and volumes of his sculptures are full of strict realism and a high degree of symbolic expression, all represented with great quality. Due to this, I am pleased to have a new chance to recreate myself in the contemplation and analysis of the master's work Pedrín.

Rafael Fernández Borrego

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