Jewelry design by Gloria Gomila

Marybola is a personal passion made true. A universe created by the young designer Gloria Gomila, a Menorcan attracted to the world of minerals and gems.

In a few years, Gloria changed the artisanal summer markets in Menorca, selling bracelets, for starring at the most important fashion runway in Spain, the MBFW in Madrid.

Marybola offers an exclusive product, a unique jewel using materials such as precious and semiprecious stones. All these gems have been treated with care to end up as a jewel for the collection.

Each jewel is designed and made in Menorca (Spain) by Gloria with the collaboration of professionals who take care of each tiny detail. Gloria attends national and international fairs and personally selects the best minerals and materials, one by one, piece by piece in order to show her customers the best selection of gemstones.

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