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Wellness home service

Body and Soul Spa Menorca was born in our aim to offer you maximum quality in wellness home service, we move whereveryou want: villa, boat, garden. .

You will find an exclusive selection of manual techniques combined with natural and exceptional products in our section of rituals, massages and treatments. In our Yoga and Pilates section, you will find an interesting and varied choice of physical activities which we hope you will find attractive.

RITUALS Body & Soul Facial Ritual: 60 min 146 € This treatment offers you the rose and its delicacy to restore shine and light to your face. We will apply a gentle rose exfoliator and we will massage with rose-filled pindas. Then we will apply a nourishing mask and finish with an invigorating massage based on Kobido.

Body & Soul Body Ritual: 90 min 171 € Combination of the rejuvenating power of the rose with the hydration and softness of almond oil and almond milk. We will do a body exfoliation with rose and almond where we will take advantage of their natural milk for the hydration of the skin with a body wrap. We will finish with a body massage.

MASSAGES 60 min 146 € 90 min 218 € -Relaxing massage: designed to achieve a deep body relaxation with the help of essential oils. -Therapeutic massage: an invigorating massage used to relieve tensions, recommended before o after sport activities.

MANICURES & PEDICURES: 120 min 186 € For Her: This is a pure relaxation ritual for your hands and feet: exfoliation, nails and cuticles care and polish of calluses. Then we will apply a wrap followed by a revitalizing massage. Nail polish of your choice. For Him: Pamper your hands and feet with this pleasant experience: exfoliation, nails and cuticles care and polish of calluses. Then we will apply a wrap followed by a revitalizing foot massage. 

YOGA AND FITNESS Continue with your phisycal activity during the holidays, or why not start taking care of yourself during them?

Our instructors are highly qualified to perform an initial assessment to adapt the practice.

Yoga: Regain your inner balance through yoga. Tailor-made yoga sessions. Learn or practice with us the yoga asanas, proper breathing (pranayama) and relaxation, as well as positive thinking. We can exercise with one or more types of yoga, always adjusted to the specific needs of the guest. Family Yoga Fun and great proposal to create a special atmosphere in the family, promoting relaxation, harmony, non-verbal communication, creativity and spontaneity. Pilates Pilates works on the flexibility, the posture and the strengthening of the muscles through a series of stretching and balance exercises. PERSONAL TRAINING According to each individual’s needs and preferences, a personalized program of exercises will be designed to improve physical and mental health. 

YOGA AND FITNESS 1 hour of individual class....87 € extensions of 30 min...........43 € extra person in class............27 €

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