Barefoot horse riding

Stunning surroundings on horseriding

Besides riding on horseback of Minorca breed, Arabian or French trotting horses enjoying incredible views of the Menorca coast, you will be able to do it in a respectful way. Our philosophy is based on respect and understand these incredible animals to get the best rider-horse relationship. Our horses live in open spaces forming a herd and when we ride them we do it without bit or horseshoes, what is known as barefoot, a new way of understanding and working with the horse’s foot keeping it in optimum condition.


-Route of 1 hour along the south coast (visiting Son Saura beaches): all levels

-Route of 2 hours along the south coast (visiting Son Saura and Es Talaier): all levels

-Route half a day with picnic on the beach: medium-advanced level

-Full moon route (from June), dinner and 3 hours route along the coast at moonlight: advanced level, min. 2 people

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