Creative cuisine restaurant in Ciutadella.

The Torrent Vivó family, known for being linked to art in Menorca, offers with the Pinzell restaurant a space to enjoy food while paying tribute to painting through works by different artists

This restaurant is located in Ciutadella, its Joan Salord is responsible for the menu (smoked sea bass, zucchini cannelloni with cream cheese) that ranges from more popular dishes (such as black rice with cuttlefish and shrimp) and even with an oriental touch (such as the vegetable wok with egg noodles), to more creative proposals such as peach, shrimp and Greek yogurt ravioli.

It also stands out for offering typical Menorcan dishes such as squid stuffed with shrimp with hazelnut sauce, Menorcan beef tenderloin or the version of sweet potato fat with honey ice cream.

The presence of Menorca wines stands out.

The establishment offers different meal options as it is divided into the ground floor, the first floor and the terrace of Plaça dels Pins.

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