Tast Mercadal

Author's mediterranean cuisine in Es Mercadal

The Restaurant Tast was born in 2006 in Es Mercadal by the hand of Colau, who has a long and great trajectory in the world of restoration.

In 2012, Chef Pachi Allegue joined the project, contributing his extensive knowledge in avant-garde cuisine.

Following the purpose of combining the Mediterranean culinary tradition of "s'illa d'es vent" with the most current gastronomic trends, managing to surprise its customers

In the letter we can find; Gorgonzola croquettes, tuna sashimi with sea urchin teriyaki, squid noodles, chives and miso sauce, Duck burger with foie and Red Fruit ketchup, Roast rabbit cannelloni with seasonal mushrooms, Duck ravioli with mushrooms, foie and hoisin

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