Japanese and Menorcan cuisine restaurant at the Hotel Suites del Lago

Transporting us from Menorca to Japan, the Godai restaurant is the essence of the five elements of nature: earth, air, water, fire and emptiness. All of them come together in a gastronomic metaphor that will make you travel through the world of the senses through the most noble and local raw materials of the Balearic island.

This space, which awaits you on a terrace with privileged views of the Cala en Bosc marina in Menorca, is a unique, different and exclusive proposal from Lago Resort, in its 5-star Suites del Lago eco-hotel. Godai is the only Japanese restaurant with Menorcan products in the world, conceived from sustainability as a work of art of nature and all honesty for the most select palates. In this experience you will find texture, flavor and emotion in a single bite.

At the helm of this "boat" full of enthusiasm, perseverance, effort and work is the executive chef Julián Mármol, who with a Michelin star has been brought to his team to guarantee a gourmet gastronomy with a very personal and unique vision.

Perfect combination for summer nights, Godai's mission is for you to enjoy a unique moment under the starry sky of Menorca, serving your dinners from 7pm to midnight in its different atmospheres. With a selection of high-quality Japanese wines, cocktails, beers and sakes, Godai's menu takes Japanese cuisine to its finest. Both through its Minokura and Josai tasting menus, as well as with a more casual proposal in its Lounge with high tables or sofas.

In addition, now this Menorcan Restaurant offers you to live the moment with the best gastronomy at home, by boat or however you want, thanks to its take away service.


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