Torralbenc Wellness

Get the harmony between your body and mind

A unique scenery to recover the harmony between body and mind.

At Torralbenc you will find spacious landscapes, indoor and outdoor space, amazing sweeping views all around and a large number of options for your relax. Let us take care of even the smallest details to do your experience unique and unforgettable.

Beauty rituals, massages and specific treatments of the exclusive house of Natura Bissé and SeaSkin

In the treatment chart we can find;

RELAXING MASSAGE Massage designed to improve the well-being of the person, body and mind, increases circulation, stimulating the skin, the nervous system and reducing stress.

MASSAGE TORRALBENC Holistic massage, deeply relaxing using essential oils of rosemary and lavender made with Torralbenc plants.

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE An invigorating and intense massage that is applied with strong movements in order to reach the deepest tissues and eliminate muscle stress, relieving chronic tension and pain.

FOUR-HAND MASSAGE Four-handed massage is performed by two therapists working in complete synchronization, to restore their energy and improve their health and well-being.

HOT STONES MASSAGE They combine selected stones in the environment of Menorca, previously heated with essential oils that are placed on the Marma points. Relieves back and shoulder pain as well as other pains. It is recommended especially for muscular discomfort of any kind, stress, fatigue and sleep disorders.

REAFFIRMING DETOXIFICANT MASSAGE Combining manual lymphatic drainage and firming massage techniques by means of pressures, the oxygen supply to the cells is increased and therefore tissue replenishment is accelerated.


ANTI-AGING MEDITERRANEAN FACIAL Combines the benefits of beekeeping thalassotherapy and phytotherapy

ANTIAGING GLOW Indicated to hydrate, oxygenate and regenerate the skin, treating the signs of aging in a unique way.

3D COLLAGEN SHOCK Rejuvenating and regenerating treatment based on a combination of three types of collagen. Designed to increase the firmness of the skin in an extraordinary way. With a surprising lifting and redensifying effect

VITA-CITRUS ESSENCES Indicated for those people who seek to recover the luminosity and firmness in the skin through a relaxing experience of citrus aromatherapy. This exquisite treatment awakens the senses and gives the skin all the energy of vitamin C. Its extraordinary antioxidant action repairs even the most punished skin revealing a completely hydrated and revitalized skin. Its citrus aromas and rich textures make it an unforgettable experience.

GENTELMAN'S NATURE Special treatment for gentlemen indicated to address the needs of male skin including the area around the eyes, returning light to the look and tone to the face. The use of calendula oils, St. John's wort, propolis and orchid extract will transport you to a feeling of well-being and disconnection. Thanks to this treatment inspired by the Japanese cleaning rituals you will notice your clean skin in depth and your calm face, as well as seeing your lines of expression reduced.

GENTELMAN'S FACIAL Treatment created for the care of the skin of the man, since the stress, the lack of time and the daily shaving deprive him vitality. The wise combination of highly effective products that adapt to the needs of each type of skin, associated with comforting massages of the scalp, nape and shoulders, transport you to a state of total relaxation. Inspired by the techniques applied by traditional barbers, which served to stop comforting the skin during shaving, this treatment incorporates a ritual of steaming towels,


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