Massages in your own villa or you want

Enjoy a relaxing massage during your stay in Menorca

RELAXING Relaxing massage with organic almond oil. Soothes body and mind. 60 min. 110€ 90 min. 160€

CERVICAL AND LUMBAR MASSAGE Indulge yourself to this extremely relaxing massage, which will release the tension of neck and lower back, making you feel as good as new! 60 min. 120€ 60min. 170€

DETOX This massage uses lymphatic drainage techniques with deep tissue massage. Improves blood flow and detoxes the body. 60 min. 120€ 90 min. 170€

ROMANTIC MASSAGE Surprise your partner with this exclusive massage. Enjoy a totally personalized massage of 60 or 90 minutes, followed by a glass of cava and some strawberries with chocolate. 60 min- 280€ *90 min- 380€* *Price per couple. 

DEEP TISSUE Intense and deep massage that relaxes sore muscles, due to bad posture or muscular tension. 60 min. 120€ 90 min. 170€

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE The aromatherapy massage combines body massage with essential oils that energizes, relaxes and revitalizes our body. 60 min. 120€ 90 min. 170€ 

We also offer

Four hand massage Two perfectly coordinated therapists put their four hands at your disposal to produce in you a feeling of deep well-being.

We assure you that after trying this exclusive experience, you will not want another type of massage.

Pregnancy body massage Massage for future moms who are in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Relieves tension in the back and shoulders and improves blood circulation in the legs.

Sacro-cervical massage Pamper yourself and give yourself a moment of heavenly pleasure. This massage activates and relaxes both the cervical and lumbar muscles, creating a deep relaxation that will leave you feeling like new.

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