Camí de Cavalls 360

Path which goes around the coast.

Camí de Cavalls 360º is a path that goes around Menorca in stages through the GR 223. Ancient trail with a distance of 185 kilometers which goes along the coast.

It can be done in three different categories: hiking and trekking, trail running and BTT. The conditions are the same for the three modalities. Each modality provides three different ways: to go all the way around, 360º, the northern half, 180ºN or the southern half, 180ºS. The level can be chosen depending on each one, from 2 to 13 stages. Whichever modality is chosen, up to two stages can be done in kayak, and if desired, go a section of the Camí de Cavalls riding a Menorca horse.

To do a day route, Camí de Cavalls 360º offers a selection of the best sections and provides everything necessary: transfer, GPS guide, a map and itinerary. Camí de Cavalls 360º can be custom designed, without charge. It is a route organized by MenorcaTracks. They provide everything needed so that the only concern is enjoying the scenery: support, GPS guide, planning and reservation of accommodations, transfer at the beginning and end of the stage, and much more.

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