More than just a place a true experience: cook and taste your own food

In a traditional beautiful house at Ciutadella’s old town in Menorca, you can enjoy gastronomy in a different manner. Not only by tasting but cooking too! We have a selection of several Mediterranean recipes that you can prepare with us. You’ll participate, have fun, meet other travelers like you and live a pleasant and enriching experience.

Our cooking workshops are fondly prepared and intended for small groups so that the experience is lived at ease, in exclusivity. Once the dish is done, it is time for you to relax and sit down in a charming space for savoring slowly the excellent dish... you yourself have cooked!

The dishes you can prepare with us are the traditional “Paella” (vegetables and meats) or a Seafood Paella, the “Caldereta” (Menorca’s fish stew), the “Fideuá” (similar to Seafood Paella but using short noodles instead of rice), the typical stuffed squid in Menorca, or a choice of bites and wines we call “Tasting the Island”.

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