Enjoy the meals of a professional menorquin cook

We have service of cooks and waiters who will move to your villa and elaborate daily or occasionally breakfast, lunch or dinner in your own villa.

For special occasions, we offer more elaborate menus upon request.

Mediterranean and Menorquin cuisine, Japanese ... etc


Menu 1:

Appetizer: Bread with tomato and anchovies, potato omelet         

First course: Menorquina salad           

Second course: Veal round                                         

Dessert: "Tocinos de cielo" or fruit salad


Menu 2:

Appetizer: Artichokes with prawns and tomato coke       

Main course: Menorca style baked eggplants and paella         

Dessert: Fruit salad or "brazo de gitano"


Menu 3:

Variety of appetizers: Bread with tomato and anchovies, canapé, Iberian jam table and cheeses

Main course:  Lobster cauldron

Dessert: "Flan" or fruit salad         



Variety of food depend on the demand


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